3 June will see the release of a brand new album by LorD and Master. Comatose is more of a concept album than previous offerings of late. The album centres around the relationship between the protagonist, who is in a coma, and their partner.

The protagonist spends five years in a coma, waking from the state in 2022, during the course of the album. They become aware that the world they left behind has been changed irrevocably.

Comatose artwork.

The tracklisting for the album is as follows:

  1. Unmoved (4.37)
  2. Trickle down effect (4.24)
  3. Alone in the dark (5.19)
  4. Sensory deprivation (4.48)
  5. Help me (4.58)
  6. A tendency for silence (4.28)
  7. Minimalistic (5.55)
  8. I see you (4.17)
  9. Distant flickering (5.07)
  10. Out of the woods (3.31)
  11. Waking nightmare (7.06)

Total running time: 54.25.

The album’s release will be sandwiched between two maxi-singles with remixes by LorD and Master, People Theatre, dEk101 and JellyCube.

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