Hyponyms: the new album

The new album from LorD and Master is called Hyponyms and is available to preorder now.

The new album is a collection of older LorD and Master songs reimagined as orchestral versions with all-new production and vocals.


  1. “You”
  2. “I wanna let you go”
  3. “Taken for granted”
  4. “Underprepared”
  5. “What if”
  6. “White lies”
  7. “Dying light”
  8. “Shattered dreams”
  9. “Miss Marple on MDMA”

The album will be preceded by a single, “What if”, on 7 July, with the full album being released on 21 July.

Preorders are now open on BandCamp through this link: LorD and Master on BandCamp.

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