Imagine a video game, epic and sweeping in its story, an open-world role-playing game with blistering battles between good and evil, hordes of flying terrors and a strange, alien landscape to explore. Now imagine that game’s soundtrack, but it’s by LorD and Master.

That was the challenge set me by my partner, one Dr Peter Nugent. He told me to write a score for a game that, well, doesn’t exist. I was to imagine the game and its soundtrack, based on twenty titles he provided me. Titles like “Flight of the sirens” and “An ode to bread” might conjure some strange imagery and certainly lent themselves to interesting compositions. So, on 2 April 2021, you get to hear Ten80, the soundtrack to a non-existent game.

Ten80 is an album unlike all other LorD and Master offerings in that it is totally instrumental. The eighteen tracks (two of which comprise two of the provided titles each) are separate compositions with some linking themes. With pixel-artwork by the aforementioned Dr Nugent, Ten80 promises to be an interesting listen for you, but if you’re expecting a bunch of four-minute pop songs, please note the above description!

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