Four more 2023 releases: a roundup.

Four new releases are on their way in September and October.

“Paris fell silent” is a maxi-single featuring Xxäm on vocals. Max Herring, the artist behind the Xxäm name is also LorD and Master’s partner in The Gliding Faces.

“Paris fell silent” will be released on 29 September 2023, with two bonus tracks and remixes from LorD and Master, Xxäm and dEk101.

Outcast 3 is the next in the series of albums that allow the release of songs and mixes that were overlooked, shunned or in any other way made its way into the dumper folder on the LorD and Master production computers, which includes the original guide vocal for “Paris fell silent”.

This released will appear on 13 October 2023 and includes many new unheard and unreleased tracks.

Also released on 13 October is 4K. This album is a collection of twenty tracks of instrumental music, meant to be the soundtrack to a non-existent video game with, as with 1080, the names of the tracks being supplied by LorD and Master’s partner, Peter Nugent.

4K is over an hour of synth and sample-based music for your ears to enjoy.

On 27 October, LorD and Master celebrates Hallowe’en and the apostrophe everyone misses out these days with a song called “Graveyard shift”, which will be released as a single.

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